Uniquely Yours

Time  Freedom. A priceless joy that working from home brings. The icy breeze of winter brushing across my face, the morning sun rising from the horizon, filling the sky with golds and pinks warming the skin. Molly and Spy running like the wind, bounding into the icy blue waves, their border collie tails wagging in doggy happiness. How could I not be filled with absolute joy and endless gratitude that I have time to watch them play.

No matter what the day brings, whether the mind-numbing panic, heart-pounding horror of realization when the lifeblood of your business – the website contact page –  hasn’t been working for days, the discipline of performing 6 daily activities that are income producing when you would really rather be reading, a broad smile of pride when you master that new skill you have been working on, or the overwhelming urge to hurl your computer off the upstairs balcony, whilst yelling loudly just what you think of it,  the aspects of day to day business fit nicely into a uniquely styled work life.

“We are designers of moments, of extraordinary minutes, hours and days, of experiences and insights that make life meaningful. The choice is ours of what to create.” – CHIP & DAN HEATH

Imagine having a business that gives you the lifestyle that’s uniquely yours – because you can if you decide that’s what you want


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