The value of meaningful work

I have been reading (yet again) a great book about the value of stories in business.  Reading the following paragraph I realized it was the perfect explanation for why I feel so content in my business.

“Great businesses are for good. They design products & services that people need & want. They create jobs that provide people with the dignity of meaningful work. They put food on tables and bring joy to communities. They add value to the economy in more ways than one. They don’t just give back. They give by the very virtue of their existence. They can be the making of moments in our days, meaning in our weeks and prosperity in our futures.”

With the perfect product and service for people who want the freedom and control over their lives, who want to be able to work when & where they want but don’t want to build their own systems, processes, and products. To be able to consistently prioritize the things that will help achieve the dreams and goals while staying true to one’s values.




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