Being Successful

I usually spend 45 mins day feeding my mind and came across this today.

The lack of success is a habit for most people. But for those who know how to attract it into their lives, success is also a habit.

I first read this around 3 years ago when I was feeling so stuck, frustrated confused, overwhelmed – you name it I felt it. I was putting so much effort into my job, working long hours, never home, losing touch with friends and just couldn’t see a way out of it. I needed to pay my bills, put a roof over my head and felt that the security of my job balanced out the negative.

I started to dream and then visualise what I really wanted. I realised my “lack of success” was based on an inculturation of society’s expectations. Go to school, get an education, get a job, get married, have children, and somewhere along the way I lost who I really was.

Success is a constant state of being drawn forward by the challenges we set & overcome. It is deriving satisfaction  from knowing we are in control. РPaul Council.

I set the challenges and overcome them and now live a life of freedom to choose what I do. Being able to work from home with an office looking out over the ocean, walking my dogs on the beach is priceless. I used to wonder why people who were financially free continued to work.

Now I know why.

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