To inspire people to know how amazing life is when you take control, dare to dream, have faith and to take action towards those dreams with a business of their own.




A bit of my story

  • As a farmers wife who loved the lifestyle but hated the uncertainty of farming, I returned to the corporate world to have a better financial future. Ending up burnt out, juggling the demands of work, and life. I searched for an alternative, to create both financial and time freedom. I chose to believe in myself and today live in a stunningly beautiful location with both beach and rural life. Time, freedom and control of my financial future.
  • Blessed with a wonderful family, I am a mother, sister, and the crazy aunt Loulou, who loves to take everyone on adventures and with time to enjoy my horses, dogs, sailing and exploring the world of food and culture.
  • Personal development and my business has taken me on a journey to a place of contentment, excitement & joy
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Lois Hamilton

Multiple Business Owner & Dreamer

Next Steps...

Join me in a personal development business that has change my life & the lives of others throughout the world.