Being Happy

Being happy doesn't mean life is perfect but that have decided to look beyond the imperfections. This can include anxieties about finances, work, family and health.

We often think that only lucky or seriously driven people attain wealth and security.

By understanding ourselves and our relationship to work, finance, health and relationships we can then actually choose how we want to think under any circumstance.

Write down how you feel about these key areas of your life and ask yourself if it is worth hanging onto those feelings or could there be a better way to think about them. BEING GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE IS A GREAT PLACE TO START.

Meditate with thoughts of love while imagining your improved relationship in these areas and see what comes up for you.

Next Steps...

Personal development in the key areas of your life can make significant changes in your health, wealth and happiness. As the saying goes doing what you have always done and expecting a different result is crazy. Look back at the last 12 months and ask yourself what has changed.

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